Why is the plug-in steel grating made by hand?

Why is the plug-in steel grating pure hand-made steel grating products? Because every plug-in and solder joint of the plug-in steel grating is the manual operation of the steel grating technical workers little by little, the precision requirements of the product size can be imagined, so we will regularly assess the steel grating technical workers, the company has a perfect quality assurance system and complete after-sales service measures.

On-time delivery, always investigate the application effect, 1-to 1 after-sales service. The after-sales service system is perfect, and professional service makes every customer feel at ease, worry and peace of mind. All-round service-regular return visit, timely follow-up and quality assurance; Full service-full service of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale engineers; Full-body service-listen to users’ needs patiently and answer users’ technical problems 24 hours a day.

Post time: Apr-18-2022